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    3. 通知的格式及范文英語_Notice and 5篇

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      通知的格式及范文英語_Notice and 5篇/

      關于”通知的及“的英語作文范文5篇,作文題目:Notice and。以下是關于通知的及的初二英語范文,每篇作文均為高分范文帶翻譯。

      高分英語作文1:Notice and

      Today, I'm glad to share with you my view on success. What is success? It's something everyone wants. Sometimes success will be very simple.

      Winning a game is success. Getting high marks in the exam is new friends successfully. Even now I stand here and publish my speech.

      To some extent, it is successful. In terms of a person's life, success becomes very complicated It is wealth success, fame and success is a success with high social status. No, I don't think that I believe that success is the realization of people's hopes and ideals.

      Nowadays, in modern society, many people are regarded as successful people and the most obvious feature is money, status is lofty, life is extravagant, so most people think success is for this purpose, but the problem is, if it is true Success, we all know, if we continue to pursue, there will always be more money, higher status and better conditions ahead, where can we finally satisfy the goal? We can see that to achieve real success, we must have the inner things, that is, people hope and the realization of ideal. Different people have different opinions on success, because people have different hopes and ideas, but I believe that every success is precious to everyone, because it is not easy to realize, because in the process of our pursuit of success, our body and soul are tempted, and we are inspired by the most precious quality of human beings: love, patience, courage and Sense of responsibility is the best wealth, so now I am proud that I have this opportunity to stand here and talk to you. This is my success.

      Because I challenge my hope. Everyone has their own explanation. But I believe that every success will bring a brighter future.

      So ladies and gentlemen, believe in our hope and believe in ourselves We, we can all.




      You can go to Lushan by train or bus. There are three trains to Jiujiang. "The first train is on the second train.

      The third train leaves in the afternoon. When you arrive at Jiujing, you can take a bus from Jiujiang railway station to Lushan. You can also take a bus from Nanchang to Lushan.

      From morning to afternoon, there is a bus leaving Lushan every hour. Have a good time ::: Travel.




      Please note that students from Canada will visit our school on the morning of May 15. We will warmly welcome them in the meeting room. Then we will hold a party to ask everyone to understand our program.

      We will take them to visit our school and have lunch together in the school can in the afternoon. Some Canadian students will talk about their school; they leave in the afternoon. We should be polite and friendly to our guests.

      thank you.



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